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My name is Tinisha Johnson.  I'm a Screenwriter, Author and Poet. I appreciate your presence on my site.

My journey and your journey through 'Life' is a special one. Many of us will take different routes and experience various emotions and realities involved along the way. However, all of us have two choices in life. They are: To decide what we want and act on it, or to allow others to decide for us and act on that.



"Go over and beyond in all you do. It’s quite empty over in the area of  Excellence. Anyone’s welcomed, very few show up. And if they happen to make it, they leave.
Stay in that area, make residence, and don’t leave. 
Make a Commitment to Excellence."
- Tinisha

I consider myself an Entrepreneur at heart and mind, always improving my business and journey through life. Writing is my life and my passion. I'm constantly trying to find a successful and rewarding path to walk, while always helping others in the process. I love learning from others and I love giving to others, even if it's with encouraging words.  

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Tinisha is a freelance writer for HubPages. 

http://www.tinishaj.com/Author Tinisha Johnson.mp3


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